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Curaçao Soccer Academy

Organization: Structural approach to talent development

A structural approach is required to truly develop young talent. And it involves a lot more than just soccer training. We want to help young talent to develop the personality of a top player by focusing on mentality, discipline and endurance. A top player must also be able to move in all kind of social circles, that's why the development of social skills is an important part of the CSA curriculum.

The players train in a special program focused on the developmental phase the group is in. A group of motivated trainers under the guidance of director Hans van Elden lead the training. All infrastructural conditions are in place: all players are provided with uniforms, soccer shoes and recreational outfits. A sports physician and two physiotherapists continuously monitor the condition and health of the players.

Curaçao Soccer Academy is not a soccer club. The selected players remain with their local clubs and train and participate in the youth competition with those clubs. With Curaçao Soccer Academy they participate in inter-insular and international tournaments.

Director Hans van Elden is an experienced player and trainer with a career in education. With his experience as a school director and KNVB instructor director he has all qualifications to make this project a success. Van Elden works with a team of trainers, homework supervisors, a social education specialist, a nutritionist, and a medical team.