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Curaçao Soccer Academy

About Curaçao Soccer Academy

offer talented players the opportunity to become top athletes.

Talent development is Curaçao Soccer Academy’s core activity. In this project young talented soccer players are offered the opportunity to develop their talent.

Talent development is a process that involves multiple aspects: the natural aptitude of the sportsman, social education and personal development, a proper diet and good medical care, and cognitive aspects. Curaçao Soccer Academy pays attention to all these aspects.

Curaçao Soccer Academy is an after-school project: the selected youth players are picked up at school and transported to the training center four times a week. After a balanced meal, composed by a nutritionist the players do their homework or join in social sessions. If so required, remedial teaching is also available. For soccer may be important, their school careers come first. When all is done, the training begins.