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August 2013: RKTVC/PSV International C-top tournament U-13

1 August 2013

The U-13 selection of the Curaçao Soccer Academy spent a week in the Netherlands to join the RKTVC/PSV tournament with national and international top teams such as PSV, KV Mechelen and Borussia MönchenGladbach.

Prior to the tournament two practice games were played against RKC/Willem II and DWS Amsterdam. This was quite an experience for the young soccer players: for most of them this was their first experience playing on ‘real’ grass in the Dutch climate. Both practice games were lost, but nevertheless coach Hans van Elden was satisfied. “We only barely lost in the practice games. On Tuesday we played against the selection of RKC/Willem II (players born in 2000 playing on the highest level in the Netherlands) and particularly the first half was very well played by our team. We lost due to two penalty kicks and one free kick. Our team missed one penalty kick.”

Also against DWS Amsterdam the physical aspect was a determining factor. “DWS Amsterdam plays in the national 2nd division, with players from ‘98 and ‘99 who were physically very strong. Except for the first and final 10 minutes, they dominated the game with good position play, nice combinations and good goals.”

On Saturday 24 August, Curaçao Soccer Academy played in pool A of the RKTVC/PSV tournament against PSV, FKTVC (the organizing club with older players), MönchenGladbach and Excelsior Rotterdam. Hans van Elden: “Right away in the first game it was clear that PSV is a little too strong for us yet. Despite CSA’s hard work we lost the game with 3-0.”

In the second game against RKTVC, the RKTVC team was clearly stronger in the first half while the CSA team lead in the second half. Unfortunately, this was not enough to win the game (result: 2-1 for RKTVC). The next game was against Borussia MönchenGladbach. The parties were a match and the excellently playing CSA team appeared to be able to score against this very strong German opponent. No wonder the CSA players were very disappointed when the Germans scored the winning 2-1 in injury time.

In the final game the CSA team went all the way. All frustrations from the previous games were thrown out and Excelsior was played off the field with very beautiful combination play and truly magnificent goals resulting in 4-1 score for CSA.

Looking back on the U-13 team’s tournament, Hans van Elden is quite satisfied. “We can now conclude that we are not yet a match for the absolute top, but we can get along quite well with everything just below that level. We now know where we stand and which steps still need to be taken. I very much respect our young team of players from 2000, 2001, and 2002. My compliments!”

RKTVC/PSV U-13 tournament
PSV – CSA: 3-0
RKTVC – CSA: 2-1
Borussia MönchenGladbach – CSA: 2-1
Excelsior – CSA: 1-4