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October 2012: CSA U-14 Cura de Villa tournament, Venezuela

10 October 2012

In October 2012, the U-14 team of Curaçao Soccer Academy, with players aged 11, 12, and 13, took part in an international U-15 tournament in Cura de Villa, Venezuela. Following the international rules, this meant that the CSA soccer players were faced with players that had become 15 years old in 2012. Naturally, this was a great challenge and the CSA staff was very satisfied that the CSA had won three of the five matches played. Eventually, CSA lost from Venezuela, that turned out to be the winner of the tournament, in the knock-out phase of the national selection of U-15.

The first match was played after only a couple of hours sleep. The opponent turned out to be a well-playing team that needed few chances to decide the match. The next three matches were decided in favor of the CSA boys, thanks to good combination play. In the quarter finals, the opponent, the national selection U-15 of Venezuela with 15-year old players, proved too strong. The CSA players left a very good impression during the tournament that resulted in an invitation to take part in a big international U-14 tournament in Brazil in February 2013.

Results group matches:
CSA – MARITIMO (Venezuela)        1-5
CSA – ACEFUC Carabobo (Venezuela)    2-1
CSA – LIBERTADOR (Venezuela)        2-0

Fourth round:
CSA – Sel RORAIMA BRASIL  (Brazil)    2-1

Quarter finals:
CSA – Selection U-15 Venezuela   0-6