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June 24 2012: CSA-U-11 winner ABCS-Tournament

24 June 2012

On June 22, 23 and 24 Curaçao Soccer Academy hosted an international U-11 tournament in Curaçao. In this tournament, teams from Aruba, Bonaire and Suriname played against the CSA talent selection U-11.

For the first time our CSA U-11 participated in an international tournament and we were exited and curious to see how they would perform, especially as the matched were played on the big field instead of the smaller U-11 field.

The opening match was played against Surinam. It was an exciting match between those two teams, with CSA winning with 2-1.

The next day CSA met the Bonaire team. Bonaire proved to be a surprise in this tournament – and scored 1-0 in the First minute!  CSA fought back and finally won the match (2-1).

The third and last day of the tournament the derby Curaçao-Aruba was played. CSA needed at least a draw to become tournament champion – Suriname had won its matches against Bonaire and Aruba. And again soon in the match CSA face a 1-0 score! The team fought long and hard and again won the last match (2-1), thus unbeaten tournament champion!


June 22 Curaçao – Suriname 2-1
June 23 Curaçao – Bonaire 2-1
June 24 Curaçao – Aruba 2-1