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Januari 2012: CSA U-13 successful in Curaçao-Aruba exchange

10 January 2012

These past days the Curaçao-Aruba exchange tournament U-13 took place in the FFK stadium. Four teams participated in this tournament organized by FFK: the national selection U-13 Aruba, the U-13 Talent Team and the region teams U-13 Pariba and Pabou.  The Curaçao teams were composed of the selected players of Curaçao Soccer Academy starting next week, but were coached by a technical staff of FFK.

The Curaçao talent team started the tournament well from the beginning with a 1-0 victory on Aruba. The young Curaçao team managed to outdo the physically stronger Aruba by playing fiercely. The excellent goalie of Aruba prevented a higher score.

Team Pariba had no difficulty beating Team Pabou that had trouble playing as a team: 2-0. Unfortunately that continued for another two matches as they later lost against both the Talent Team and Aruba. Team Pariba maintained their good play and enforced a tie against the Talent Team and against Aruba.  With that hey ensured a place in the finals.

In the match for third and fourth place, Team Pabou surprised the Aruba selection by playing 2-2. The team members did manage to play together now and that made all the difference. In the overall results Aruba finished third.

The finals between the Talent Team and Team Pariba was against worth watching. The Talent Team was playing very attractive soccer and took revenge on the 0-0 from Saturday by winning 2-0 from the well playing Team Pariba.
Hans van Elden, director of Curacao Soccer Academy could be found near the field. Hij is looking forward to the start of the project: “This is a fantastic group of young soccer players to work with.”


Thursday: Pariba – Pabou  2-0


Talent Team – Aruba 1 – 0

Friday: Talent Team – Pabou 3 – 0


Pariba – Aruba 1 – 1

Saturday: Pabou – Aruba 3 – 0


Talent Team – Pariba 0 – 0

Sunday: For third and fourth place


Pabou – Aruba  2 – 2 (Aruba 3rd)

for first and second place o

Talent Team – Pabou 3 – 0